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xolotl is far from feature complete, and your contributions are welcome.

Reporting Bugs

  • Is it a bug? Are you sure the bug persists after you run transpile and compile and xolotl.cleanup?
  • Describe what the expected behavior is, and what the actual behavior was

Requesting Features

  • Describe what you want
  • Describe why you want it
  • List papers that describe this mechanism, or original research that describes the feature you want

Adding New Conductances/Synapses/Controllers

  • Look at existing conductances/synapses/controllers and use them as a guideline
  • If you're making a new conductance, put them in c++/conductances/<first_author_name>YY where YY is the two digit year
  • Make sure you add a reference to the paper you're getting the conductance details from in a comment at the top of the file.
  • Run xolotl.testConductances to make sure your conductance file compiles correctly.
  • Run on your conductance file to inspect the activation curves to make sure that it matches what you want it to do
  • Send us a pull request